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Remind is a text messaging application that assists educators to communicate in real time with students. This easy to use application can send messages to an entire class, a small group, or an individual student. In addition to sending reminders, documents can also be attached and sent using this messaging service.

Screen Shot 2017-04-09 at 9.50.09 AMSeveral years ago, I was introduced to Remind (at the time, it was called Remind 101). This resource quickly became one of my favorite teaching tools, and it still is today. Remind allows instructors to send text messages to students. Student can voluntarily sign up and receive text message reminders. Instructors can create different classes or groups for students to join. I set up one group for each class I am teaching in a given semester. Student can elect to sign up for Remind messages (I do not make this mandatory). Instructors can send announcements, reminders, or attachments using the app.

Students do not always consistently sign-in to the Learning Management System (LMS). In addition, they receive an excessive number of emails. It is easy to miss or overlook important information that is being posted or emailed. This app provides an easy and efficient way to send students information that they will have immediate access to, because they rarely are without a cell phone.

I use remind in a variety of ways. For example…

  • Please remember to bring …..
  • Class is being move to the library today.
  • Your research paper is due this Sunday.
  • Attached is a study guide to prepare for your quiz on Friday.
  • Please check Announcements in the classroom for an important message.

You can schedule posts in advance so that they will send on a specific day at a specific time. I like to schedule posts on Sunday or Monday for the upcoming week. Some of my colleagues schedule posts for the entire semester. Sometimes, I send a message right before or right after class. It depends upon the information that needs to be communicated.

There is also a chat feature. By turning this on, you allow students to respond to messages that you send. I rarely turn this feature on. Part of the beauty of Remind for me is my ability to text students without them being able to text back. With 300+ students per semester, I do not have the time to respond to each individual student who decides to respond. I also worry that responding in this context may lead to a FERPA violation due to the inability to verify who you are communicating with through this feature. When I set up Remind, I turn the chat feature off in all of my large classes.

Depending upon your needs you may chose to turn this feature on. Just be aware of the type of information you are sharing – grades or other personal information should be avoided.

Student have reported appreciating text messages related to the class as well as reminders of events happening on campus. I will occasionally push out club meeting reminders (Ex. Sign Language club is meeting at 11:00 today in building 16 room 101) or reminders of extracurricular events – especially if there is a student in the class who participates (Ex. Don’t forget the girls basketball game is tonight at 6 pm). I remind students in the class to go and support their fellow classmate.

There are SO many ways to use Remind. I can’t imagine teaching without it.

How do you use Remind? Share your examples below.

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  1. I have worked in educations for over a decade and Remind is by far my favorite app. You can use it for everything, it is super user friendly and they keep adding features to make it even better. I recommend it to anyone from pre-k through college.

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