4 Practical Apps that every College Student MUST Download

4 Practical Must Have Apps for Every College Student
New technological advancements help to improve student success on campuses. Therefore, there are a few applications and programs students should download on the first day of class that will make the semester run a bit more smoothly. Programs that help to navigate and stay connected on campus and improve writing and keep track of references are very helpful. Here are some programs that we suggest that students download on the first day of class.

Campus App

Most college campuses have an application that students can download to help them navigate campus and access resources on campus. Downloading the campus app provides students with guided campus tours, a map of campus facilities, radio and webcam streaming on campus, and campus services. This can also be a helpful tool for faculty and adjuncts, because it provides access to quickly find buildings, classrooms, and the closest coffee shop!


I LOVE Grammarly! I put Grammarly on every laptop and desktop I own! I also ask students to download it the first day of class and they LOVE it too! Grammarly will not only let you know if you missed a comma or misspelled a word, but it also let you know if you used the wrong word or if you should rephrase part of a sentence. Grammarly can be downloaded for free or you can pay for a subscription that promises to catch more mistakes. I only use the free version and so do many of my students.


The Pro WritingAid is like Grammarly on steroids! I usually encourage upperclassmen, graduate students, and other faculty to download this in addition to Grammarly. ProWritingAid is a fantastic tool for ensuring sentence variety, word variance, complexity of paragraphs, and the list goes on to help ensure effective writing. This can help students with their paraphrasing as well, which is helpful for student new to synthesis.

Circle of 6

This is an app students can download on their phones. They can select any six people from their contacts list to put in their circle. If the student finds himself or herself in a bad situation, they can send a message with GPS location to those six people identified. This can be helpful for students taking night classes or students who go to parties.

Apps that EVERY College Student Should Download

There are countless apps and downloads available that can help students. Share some apps that you recommend that students download and use. Feel free to comment below!

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