Practical “Mom” Tips for Remaining Sane During the Hectic School Year

Technology Failure....Now What?-3It’s Sunday morning, I get up bright and early and start my day with a cup of coffee, before I sit down in front of my computer to check-in to my classes or do a bit of planning before my little humans stir. I am a morning person. I love the quiet peacefulness of the mornings. I like to begin my day by getting some school work done so that I can focus the remainder of the day on my family and planning for the week. I also know that I am the most productive in the morning. If I don’t take care of lesson planning, responding in the forums, and grading, I will most likely be too tired later in the day to check-in and get the work done.

After that I start mentally preparing myself for the day. You see, Sundays while they should be nice and relaxing, usually don’t end up that way around our house. They are pretty hectic!  It’s usually a race against time; my husband and I against the clock. We rush around trying to prepare our family for the week. After we go to church, we stop by the grocery store. Then we rush home to clean up the house,  wash, fold, and put away baskets full of laundry, meal prep and pack lunches, get backpacks ready, pick out outfits for the following day….does this sound familiar to anyone? The “To Do” list seemed never ending. Weekends were often totally exhausting! By Sunday night, my husband and I would collapse in bed physically and mentally exhausted. This was not a good way to begin the week, tired before we even began.

During the week, evenings can be a bit hectic as well. We have three children. They keep us busy! They all have homework and different activities in the evenings. Soccer practice, gymnastics, dance lessons, flag football practice, and piano lessons…just to name a few. This keeps us very busy, preparing on the weekend definitely helps to make the week run a bit smoother in our house. However, we knew that we needed to make some changes so that everything would run a bit more smoothly. This would allow for us to relax and recharge, as well as spend some time with our little ones!

Feeling Overwhelmed?So, how did we make things a bit easier for ourselves on the weekend as well as during the week? One of the first things we did was begin to brainstorm what we could remove from the weekend “To Do” list. We began by determining what was taking up the majority of our time. Cleaning the house was the first thing we both agreed was taking a lot of time. We also felt this was a lost cause – because as quickly as we cleaned the house – it seemed the kids were able to mess it up. When our kids were younger, the perfect solution was to hire a cleaning company. The company comes two times a month when we are not home. They can clean the house from top to bottom in about two hours. With the deep cleaning done, we just have to maintain until they return. Light vacuuming, wiping down counters, touching up bathrooms, and the dreaded WASH! A daily schedule helps us to keep up with the household chores during the week. This frees up several hours on the weekend and is definitely worth the money.

Decide exactly how much your time is worth. Have you considered hiring cleaners? I will tell you it is one of the best decisions we ever made, and I was very reluctant at first. My husband was onboard long before I was. I had to consider (and so do you)….could you be spending time with family and friends? Could you be spending time recharging and preparing for the week? Could you be doing something to earn money? What could you be doing if you weren’t cleaning the house?

One important thing that I try to do every weekend is prepare meals. We sit down and plan what we will be eating for the week. We also ask the kids what they would like for breakfast and lunch each day so that we can grocery shop and meal prep on Sundays. My husband does the majority of the cooking, because he’s a better cook than I am! But I try to do my part by helping with planning and meal prep. On Sundays, I can cut and wash vegetables. I can also make sure that all of the food that is necessary for preparing the meals for the week is in the refrigerator or pantry. By having all of the necessary ingredients for evening meals ready, we are guaranteed a home cooked meal without the hassle of having to make grocery store runs during the week when we are rushing home from work or an evening activity.

Start identifying things you can take off your plate. Are there things you can do to make the week run a bit more smoothly? To free up time on the weekend? What chores do you dread? What are some things that you can take off of your plate in order to help yourself to stay mentally and physically well? Share your tips with us. What do you do on the weekend or during the week to reduce stress and improve quality of home life? Share your tips with us! Comment below.

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