About the Practical Professors

Screen Shot 2017-03-25 at 3.19.32 PMWe are both Practical Professors! In fact, we have practically advised both adjuncts and full-time faculty for years! We have more than 20 years of higher education experience between the two of us. We are both passionate educators who have served as an adjunct, online full-time, full- time ground faculty, department chairs, student club advisors, committee members and committee chairs. In our various roles, we have learned A LOT about the needs and expectations higher education.

As Practical Professors, we enjoy making learning innovative and applicable. We are devoted to creating meaningful classroom experiences for students and helping our colleagues grow professionally and personally. So, we created the Practical Professors blog to help adjunct and full-time faculty. We offer techniques to maximize and enhance your classrooms experience as well as negotiate your college or university campus!

We come from different disciplines and educational backgrounds which is how we know that the techniques we offer can be applied to your classrooms! All of the tips and materials we share have been applied in our departments and classrooms! We are two Practical Professors who want to help!

We are both at different stages of our personal lives, which helps to diversify our perspectives. Laura is married with three wonderful children whereas Jessi is single with a Jack Russell. We both live in Phoenix and love being outdoors. If you are looking for either of us, you may start at the local coffee bar!

Join us for a cup of coffee and some practical advice!Coffee Shop