Blog Purpose


In our professional experience, we noticed a few things that led us to begin this blog.

Adjunct instructors are very busy! Many have full time jobs and pick up a class as a part-time job.  They adjunct early in the morning before heading to their full time job, or later in the evening after they have worked a full day. While this is extremely beneficial to students, because they are able to share their professional experience with them, it can make scheduling meetings to support adjuncts very difficult.

They may teach classes online and may not have direct access to the physical campus and full time faculty who work there. Class schedules may also make it really hard to hold meetings. They may work for several different colleges and universities, traveling from one physical campus to another. This can make connecting face to face or by phone extremely difficult. In additional to their professional responsibilities, they have families and friends who they care for and spend time with. Their time is precious!

To remedy the conflicts that prevented face to face meetings, our college offered webinars. Webinars were provided in real time and recorded. But…schedule conflicts still prevented some adjuncts from attending. The attendance was still rather low, and we were not able to track who returned to view the webinar recording if they did not attend the live training.

We continued to attempt to connect with adjunct faculty though email and found that emails were often lost in the shuffle. Faculty are inundated with email. Important information was overlooked.

And so…..we decided to take to the Internet, but this time by blogging!

What if we ….

  • posted information online
  • shared our experiences the good, the bad, and the lessons learned
  • provided resources
  • took information and shared it using social media

We find that it is much easier to browse Pinterest at different times of the day or read a blog than watch a webinar or call in to participate at a specific time. We often forget to log-in or call in, even when free to do so.

We are both extremely busy, and we know the value of collaboration. Two heads are better than one! We are two unique instructors who have our own style, but we are both successful in our profession. We can offer support in a variety of ways based upon our professional experiences.

And our blog was born! We are glad you have decided to join us on this journey, and hopefully, we can provide you with support and resources to utilize as you embark on your own journey in higher education.