Below is a list of products that the Practical Professors use and endorse. Please note that by clicking on the links and purchasing the products that are recommended in this section, the practical professors earn a small commission at NO additional cost to you. There is no obligation to buy.

Grade in Style: Add a little FLAIR to your grading. Paper Mate Felt Flair Pens are our absolute favorite pens. They come in a variety of colors (recently, we purchased a pack called Tropical Vacation with some really FUN colors). If you are obsessed with pens, like we are, then these are definitely worth checking out.

Stay Hydrated: Hydroflasks are great water bottles that keep drinks cold or warm for extended periods of time. For instructors, traveling from classroom to classroom, building to building, or campus to campus, these water bottles are a MUST HAVE!

Totes for Teachers: Vera Bradley…we are not sure if you noticed, but we are a bit VERA obsessed. Vera Bradley has some of the cutest patterns (and just when you find a favorite, the come out with more). They have totes, backpacks, lunch boxes, and accessories that are perfect for teachers.